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The Business

Mad About Cats first small shop was opened in 1999. Fifteen years on and we run our mail order operation from premises near Warrington.

Meet our Cats!
Saffi, Bella, Bertie & Herbie. 

Also Oscar, Mitzi & Tibby who are no longer with us but who were a major part of our lives for many years and will always be in our hearts.

Saffi Saffi was born in late November 2007. She was the smallest of a litter of five. She is a black, white and smoke  Norwegian Forest Cat. A real character who is full of confidence. She loves to relax on her back with her paws in the air.
BELLA Bella is our youngest, she was born three weeks after Saffi and she is a blue colourpoint Ragdoll. She was the first in  a litter of three and is the smallest of our cat family, but makes up for that in confidence. As they have grown Saffi and Bella have become quite competative and they like to have a little squabble. 
BERTIE Bertie is a fourteen year old Blue Bicolour Ragdoll with a grey smudge on his nose. He is five days older than Herbie  and they are great pals most of the time. He is a big cat and weighs over 6 Kg and is a great talker.
Herbie Herbie is a fourteen year old Seal Colourpoint Ragdoll. He is a very friendly cat who will always welcome any visitor (human or feline) into his home.  Herbie loves to follow us around and likes to get up early, usually around 5am.
OSCAR Oscar was a typical ginger boy very friendly, a little mischievous and a bit of a wanderer. Oscar passed away in  November 2013 at the age of seventeen after having suffered from kidney problems. He was three months  younger than Mitzi and very much the boss cat after Tibby passed away. He is missed by us all.
MITZI Mitzi was our friendly tabby girl who passed away in May 2010. She was fourteen years old and the shy one of the  bunch. She loved familiar faces, but wasn't sure of strangers.  She loved her food and a good cuddle. We miss her very much!
TIBBY Our eldest cat Tibby passed away at Christmas 2007. She was almost nineteen years old and she was the boss of  the house. She was a great talker and always welcomed us with a big hello. She is sadly missed.