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Large Honeysuckle Fluffy Pillow Cat Toy

Large Honeysuckle Fluffy Pillow Cat Toy


Large Honeysuckle fluffy pillow
Made from a soft fabric
Filled with a generous amount of Honeysuckle
Honeysuckle has a similar effect to catnip



A great toy for your big cat to play with but ideal for small cats too.  Another favourite of cats around the world.  This fluffy soft fabric square pillow contains quality fillers and generous amounts of Honeysuckle.  Your cats will have a great time playing with this cushion, rolling around with it, rubbing their faces against it and wrestling with it. 

After play time they often curl up asleep with their heads on the pillow.  This pillow can help cats to settle when stressed.  Of course this reaction does depend on the cat.  

Supplied in zip lock bag.

Colours will vary.  Handmade in Canada.

Approximate Size: 120 x 120 (mm).

What is Honeysuckle?: Honeysuckle is an alternative to catnip. Honeysuckle toys have been sold in Canada for over 13 years and are extremely popular. Studies have shown that a catnip reaction is an inherited tendency with about two-thirds of cats responding but although no research has been done it is believed from customer reports that approximately 90% of cats react to Honeysuckle.

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